Zoe Mouratoglou


Zoe Mouratoglou started beeing involved in music at the age of 7 years old when her parents encouraged her to start the piano lessons.

She has worked as a singer in live performances and recordings with various soul, funk, disco, swing, blues & rock bands throughout
the Athens and the Amsterdam. She has also participated in several choirs, singing different kind of music styles, such as classical
and gregorian music pieces as well as contemporary and gospel songs.

She has attended piano lessons focused in jazz, harmony, guitar lessons, Indian sitar and lyric writing lessons
as well as classical and contemporary vocal lessons with Ch. Spiliokopoulou and N. Flouri.
She is an graduate of Harmony and Counterpoint and a postgraduate of Finance.

soul/funk/disco/ swing/ blues /rock ‘n’ roll


In 2015, through her collaboration with InSideOut Music Web Promotion Company,  she released her first Digital Single “Pantou kai Pouthena” in digital distribution by 14 Music (Rec.Co.

In 2018 this collaboration continues, and her second single “Kardia Kafenio” is been released ,fully composed by her, in digital distribution by Heaven Music (Rec. Co).

These days , Zoe Mouratoglou is singing across the Athenian music scenes with her band, the Mood Swings, presenting a highly … upscaling soul, pop & rock ‘n’ roll music program.

Zoe Mouratoglou: Musician

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Soul Teaser/Mood Swings

Love n roll teaser/Mood Swings

Mercedez Benz/ Mood Swings


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