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Sunny Side of the Razor formed in 2008 in Athens by the acclaimed Greek actress Sunny Hatziargyri.

Having graduated from the Greek National Theatre school of Drama and having studied on a scholarship at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with her mentor Milton Katselas, Sunny realized that in order to feel complete, one has to work on all his inclinations. Therefore, after years of successfully building her acting career, she started pursuing her other passion which is music. Being nurtured with the sound of THE CURE and inspired by their lyrics “Remember you can fill up the sky, you don’t have to give in”, she felt the need to express her own truth. An inner need which would make her even perform out in the streets with just a guitar, as she says.

In 2007 she met with Dimitri Koutsiouris (bass) and they started working on songs together. On the same year Mihalis Kavadias (guitar) joined Sunny Side of the Razor. In 2008, they released their first album, written mostly by Sunny, with the title: “SUNNY SIDE OF THE RAZOR”. In this album, Sunny wanted to create a small world of her own, using the English language (her mother tongue) and marrying alternative -indie to gothic sounds. She engaged to reveal the sounds of the melancholic souls of puberty, by using timely lyrics about youthful inner restlessness and pursuits; the sound arriving with intense guitar riffs and a clear influence of the New Wave and the ’80’s. After numerous live shows, the group performed at ROCKWAVE FESTIVAL (2009) in Athens, next to international artists such as PLACEBO and MOBY.  In 2009, Kosmas Brousalis (drums) also joined the band.

In 2012, after releasing the E.P. “MY SILVER EAGLE”, the band was selected by the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS’ management to be the Greek support group at their concert in Athens on the 4th of September 2012.

Sunny’s energetic live performances made the public and the critics call her one of the most subversive, rock and talented people of the music industry who says no to any “must do’s” and strives for the “want to do’s”.

Sunny Side of the Razor are currently working on their new album, Cyanotic.

Alternative Rock


Sunny Side of the Razor current line-up

Sunny Hatziargyris (vox)

Dimitri Koutsiouris (bass)

Kosmas Brousalis (drums)

Mihalis Kavadias (guitar)

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